Heather (miraculousdream) wrote in bad_eagles,


Since it's been about a week since I posted about the laser tag event, just a quick reminder to interested parties: It's this weekend!

What?: Laser Tag Benefit Blast, a huge laser tag party with free food and fun raffles. Proceeds go to benefit Stand Up for Kids, an organization that helps children who live on the streets.

When?: This Saturday, June 25th starting at 5:00pm. 5pm-8pm it's $20 for three hours of laser-tag pizza, sandwiches, cake, drinks, and snacks. Then, at 8:30 we begin our tournament. Anyone can compete. It's $20 a person. Teams must have 6 players.

Where?: Battlezone, located at 8311 Creedmoor Rd. Raleigh,
NC 27613. It's in the shopping center at the intersection of Creedmoor
and Strickland. About five miles from Glenwood and Crabtree.

Who?: ME-3's Uggets, Battlezone, and Stand Up for Kids. G-105 will also be attending!

Why?: Because it's fun and it helps a good cause!

For more information check out our website: www.uggets.com or go directly to www.uggets.com/battlezone.html

Look forward to seeing everyone there. ^_^*

X-posted on a lot of local communities. Sorry. -.-; We need big crowds!
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