Heather (miraculousdream) wrote in bad_eagles,

Laser-Tag Benefit Blast!

Come out to Battlezone June 10th and play some Laser-Tag with me and my group! If you sign up now, it's only $17.50 for three hours of laser-tag, all you can eat free food, plus an awesome raffle! OR if you think you're really up for it, you can join the tournament for $17.50 a person for a team of six!

Or... you can do both.

Either way, there's tons of free food and laser-tag! G-105 will be joining us again this year and I'll probably get to stand on the counter and use their megaphone again! w00t!

If you're interested, you can register now by going here: http://www.me-3.org/2006LaserTagBenefitBlastAbout.html

Or just contact me here on myspace! If you don't wanna register, it's $25 at the door! Come see me AND support an awesome cause -- ME-3: Promoting volunteerism, social change, and kindness in our community!


Please repost this so all your friends can hear about it, too. ^_^*
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